>Damon – The Cutest Grandson

>Damon is two and a half years old. He likes pizza, buy viagra viagra chocolate milk, and playing at the park. His favorite grandma is “Grandma Deborah” (of course). His favorite word is “no” and his favorite phrase is “wha’ happened?” Damon is my only grandson and a second generation Tucsonan. Damon loves to watch Monsters, Inc. and Bugs Life.

I took Damon to the mall play area last week and he had a blast. I am always amazed by kids and the things they do and what they must think. At first, he acted shy around the other kids. Then, when he saw that all the other kids were running around screaming, he decided that it was a good idea and joined in. Later, he jumped on top of a dog pile of about eight kids. The kids left tired but content.

From spending the afternoon at the play area with Damon, I realized that things might be better all around if adults acted a little more like kids sometimes. Running and having fun, even with others who you don’t know instead of being wary and reserved. I definitely learned a lesson from Damon and the other kids.

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