>Bad bunnies in gardens




What’s up with all the rabbits this spring. They’re everywhere! And, cialis buy they eat everything in sight. They’re cute and cuddly but don’t let that fool you. They are out to destroy your garden.
I have rabbits at most of my client’s homes and community landscapes. It seems as if they eat any new plants as fast as we can plant them.
So, I’ve gotten tough. I guess that’s called tough bunny love. I found a great product called Critter Ridder that you can get from Lowe’s for about $15. It’s a granular animal repellant. Whatever you do, DON’T SMELL IT! You’ll be sorry if you do. It’s made with white pepper, putrid egg whites, and some other odiferous ingredients. To make it more potent, I added two bottles of cayenne pepper to this already stinky mixture. I think the cayenne pepper is what actually helps to make it work. You sprinkle this around your plants and it smells so bad that the rabbits (and other animals) stay away from them. And, it doesn’t hurt the rabbits or plants. Of course, you have to replenish it around your plants every so often. Don’t use the liquid version of this called SCRAM. We got that for one of our homeowners association clients for their common area plants and it didn’t work. The bunnies just chowed down on the plants like we added salad dressing to it.

So far, so good. No damage since I added the Critter Ridder (with my own improvement). I have a feeling that one bite out of a treated plant and it’s the last one that a rabbit will take from that plant ever again. I don’t want to hurt the bunnies, just get them to keep away from the landscape plants. I haven’t caught one of them trying to eat a treated plant yet but I’m sure it’s not a pretty sight. Probably like me trying to eat a jalapeno pepper.


Here’s to bunnies…may they eat elsewhere.

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