>Save Water – Use an Irrigation Rain Sensor


Tired of seeing your irrigation system running while it’s raining?  Ever have to run outside during the rain to shut off your irrigation?  There’s a cost-effective and reliable way to help reduce irrigation water waste.  Install a rain sensor.  It absorbs rainwater in proportion to the amount of rain that falls and activates a switch that keeps the solonoid of the irrigation valve from turning on.  Once the rain stops and the sensor dries, cialis thumb your irrigation valve operates normally again.  Some rain sensors can shut your irrigation system off as soon as it detects any precipitation.  Thus, avoiding the appearance that your system is “wasting water.”  This is especially helpful for a commercial property or homowners association common area.

Rain sensors can be used with your automatic irrigation controller.  The are easy to install and well worth the small amount they cost in the amount of money they can save you.  They can be used for residential, commercial, and community properties. 

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