Why is My Irrigation Leaking?

  Drip irrigation is a great way to water your plants and trees while saving money on your water bill.  It works by using a flexible polyline to deliver water through an emitter that waters in gallons per hour (GPH).  They can range from 1/2 GPH to 4 GPH.  The emitters are connected to the polyline by a thin “spaghetti line.”

It’s an efficient watering system but has it’s drawbacks too.  The main one is that over time it gets damaged by the heat, buy cialis cialis sun, generic cialis buy cialis and cold weather.  It is also easy for small animals such as rabbits and ground squirrels to chew through  And, this time of year, the animals are thirsty and trying to get water any way they can.  An easy way is for them to dig up a polyline and chew through it.  This creates a leak.

How do you fix this?  With a piece of new polyline and two couplers.

It’s easy to do.  Just cut the existing polyline with a pair of hand pruners at the leak and cut a new piece of polyline to replace.  Add a coupler on each side of the new poly and connect it to the existing polyline and you’re done.  

Keep your eyes open and check your drip irrigation regularly to keep it in good repair.

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