Organic Fertilizer vs All Natural Fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizer, buy viagra unhealthy what’s the big difference between All Natural and Organic?  Are they the same thing?  Are they interchangeable when referring to fertilizer?  Absolutely not.  All fertilizers are not created equally. defines fertilizer as a substance (as manure or a chemical mixture) used to make soil more fertile.  It can be a natural or synthetic material that includes manure

 and nitrogen, seek phosphorus, online or potassium compounds.

All Natural fertilizer is not regulated by the government while Organic fertilizer is.  All Natural fertilizer can vary in consistency and ingredients.  So, the same All Natural fertilizer purchased from the same company can vary from purchase to purchase.  Organic fertilizer is consistent in its ingredients and you can rely on getting the same composition of compounds with every bag you buy.  It is consistent in size and texture and easily spread.  All Natural fertilizer is generally more difficult to spread because of the size and consistency.  One thing that is true for both fertilizers is that they are most often lower in nitrogen concentrates than other fertilizers.  This means that more is needed when applied and needs to be applied more often than other fertilizers.

Only fertilize desert plants sparingly.  They often do best in natural soils.  Other ornamental plants may need to be fertilized to do well in our desert landscapes.  The choice to use fertilizer and they type to use is up to you.

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  1. I didn’t realize that there was that difference between natural and organic fertilizer. Thanks for the edification!


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