Easy Ways to Save Water

The summer heat is here with a vengeance and no relief is in sight.  How can you keep your water bills down and save some water?  Here are some easy ways to do it:


  • Use Native Desert Plants
  • Water Plants in the Early Morning to Avoid Evaporation (Evapotranspiration)
  • Keep your Swimming Pool Properly Maintained
  • Take Shorter Showers
  • Install Low Flow Showerheads
  • Wash Only Full Loads of Laundry
  • Turn off Water While Brushing Teeth
Those are only a few ideas for conserving water around your home.  For a full list of ways to save water, viagra sales buy cialis download the City of Tucson “Homeowners Guide to Using Water Wisely.”  You can find it at http://1.usa.gov/kRwL7c.  Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility.

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