Desert-Friendly Red Yucca

The Red Yucca plant (Hesperaloe parviflora) is one of the most hardy flowering plants that is not a cactus.  That’s probably why you see it often in places where other plants won’t grow well such as in street medians.  There is also a Yellow hesperaloe variety.  They can be mixed in

a landscape for a nice color effect.

Hesperaloe plants are native to western Texas and northeastern Mexico.  And, viagra cialis they do extremely well in the Sonoran desert.  They can grow up to 3’x5′ and are evergreen with flowers that bloom on spikes from the Spring to the Summer.

They don’t require much maintenance since the only work required is to cut down their stalks after they finish blooming.  And, viagra canada recipe they’re a great plant to use if you want to attract hummingbirds.  They are attracted to the tubular flowers on the hesperaloe.

Red and Yellow Yuccas can survive on less than 10″ of rainfall annually and can take the cold down to 10 degrees.  With the weather we’ve had this year, you can’t go wrong with a plant like this!

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  1. I’ll like to ask, would such a plant be able to cope with high levels of humidity? Because as much as it can survive in dry conditions, it might not be able to survive in a climate that is hot and humid (~80% humidity) all year round.


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