Cicada Time

One of the clearest memories I have of moving to Arizona as a teenager in the summer is the buzzing sound of cicadas.  You could hear them loud and clear.  And, viagra canada nurse then you’d see them flying around in an odd pattern.  They’re a beautiful green and black color that sets them apart from other insects.

An interesting fact about cicadas is that only the male makes

the buzzing sound.  Females are silent.

The buzzing is a sort of mating call to female cicadas.

Cicadas have a bad reputation for damaging mesquite trees.  The female lays her eggs in

a mesquite branch by cutting a notch in it.  When the eggs hatch towards the end of the monsoon season, viagra generic the immature insects fall off the tree and burrow into the soil taking pieces of the branch with them.  You can consider it a sort of natural tree pruning.  If a tree looks damaged after cicadas have laid eggs in it, it probably had other problems to begin with.

Listen (and you don’t need to listen too closely either) to hear the mating song of the male cicadas.  It must be summer in the Arizona desert!

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  1. I moved to Arizona July 1979 and one of my first memories was the cicada’s. Not only we’re they making a racket, but they were jumping all over us at Williams Air Force Base. Probably the nearby irrigated cotton fields attracted them! I remember thinking, “What kind of place is this!! Don’t plan to live here!”


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