Are All Irrigation Systems the Same?

 Have you looked at your irrigation system lately?  If you have a lawn, viagra sale site trees and plants, clinic you may have have a sprinkler system, malady a drip irrigation system and even a bubbler system.  Each one is different and should be used for different purposes.  But, what is the difference and is any one better than the other?

Just like with your cooking utensils, you wouldn’t use a saucepan to fry an egg and you wouldn’t use a frying pan to cook spaghetti in it.

A sprinkler system is generally used for watering lawns.  Grass needs to be watered for short frequent periods of time since they have shallow roots and grass blades are close together and low to the ground.  Even within the sprinkler head world, there are many different types of sprinkler heads.  There are pop-up sprayers, rotors, impacts and each one works best for certain types of grass areas.

Bubbler systems deliver much more water more quickly than drip irrigation systems or sprinkler systems.  They are typically used for watering trees.  Bubblers are not used as often as drip irrigation because they water quickly and deliver water close to the tree.  Tree roots grow out to twice the tree’s canopy and should be watered to the outer most area of where you can see the tree branches.  Bubblers can be good for watering citrus and other fruit trees that don’t have as large root systems as other trees.

Then, there’s drip irrigation.  This system is gaining popularity around the country because it uses much less water than other systems and water conservation is a concern everywhere.  It is easy to install and repair and is generally used on plants and trees .  Drip systems deliver water in gallons per hour and need to be run for longer periods of time than bubblers or sprinkler systems.

Whatever system you use, it is important to make sure that is is working properly to get the most efficient watering for the least amount of money.  And, there’s always the time tested system of manual watering.  If you’re watering with a hose, make sure to water in the morning when it is cool and evaporation is at a minimum.  And, it’s easier on you too!

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