Tree Roots – Keeping Trees Safe from Monsoon Damage

How often do you think about your tree’s root system?  Probably not often.  You sit under your large mesquite tree and consider the branches and leaves that cool you and provide shade.  You touch the trunk and marvel at how sturdy your tree is.  But tree roots?  Who thinks of them?

Tree roots are an important part of a tree’s structure.  Even though you don’t see them, buy viagra purchase they play a vital role in the health of your tree.  If you planted the “right tree in the right place,” your tree should have a large somewhat shallow root systems that extends out twice as large as the tree’s branches.  The roots take up water and nutrients to help feed your

tree.  And, roots stabilize the trunk and branches.

Plant a tree in the wrong place and your headed for trouble.  The monsoon wind and rain will often make it painfully obvious very quickly.  You’ll know that your tree roots were not anchored well when your tree falls over during a monsoon rain.  Trees that are planted in an area too small for their roots to spread out end up with “girdled roots.”  These are roots that wind around themselves because they have no other place to go.  They may look fine from above the ground but underneath they’re an accident waiting to happen.

To help avoid having your tree fall over in a strong wind, do the following:

  • Don’t buy trees from the nursery where you see roots growing out of the pot.  These trees are already getting girdled roots because they’ve been in their pots too long.
  • Cut the pot when planting, remove the tree and spread out the roots when putting the tree in the ground.
  • Consider the mature size of the tree and plant it in an area that will give it plenty of room to grow.
  • Don’t plant trees near sidewalks, drives or directly next to buildings.
 Keep these things in mind when planting and caring for your trees and you can be confident that your trees will survive through our monsoon season year after year.  And, thrive in our desert environment for you to enjoy for many many years to come.
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