If Plants Could Talk They’d Say “Don’t Butcher Us!”

Ever look at your plants and shrubs and wonder how you should prune them?  What will help them to bloom well?  When is the best time to prune them?  Will they burn in our  scorching summer heat?

The absolute best way to prune plants and shrubs is to not prune them at all.  If you plant “the right plant in the right place” they rarely ever need to be pruned.  It all starts when you’re thinking about adding a plant to your yard.  Answer these questions:

  • How much room do I have for the plant?
  • Is this a shady area or sunny area?
  • Is the plant going next to a walkway or driveway?
  • What do I want from this plant – year round green? Color? An accent plant?
If you have an existing plant or shrub that will need pruning, generic viagra drugstore there is

a right way and a wrong way to prune.  The picture on the right is the wrong way to do it.  Shearing shrubs and plants tight keeps them from blooming and opens them up to disease and insect problems.  The plant tries to compensate by using more water to grow new leaves to replace the ones lost in the shearing.  All this is good for is as job security for the trimming crew because it creates more work.  Fewer smaller shrubs would have worked much better in this area.

Proper pruning involves only taking off the dead or stray branches and reducing the size of the shrub or plant by selectively removing branches rather than shearing.  Pruning shrubs so that the bottom is wider than the top is the right way to prune if you need to shear.  This helps the entire plant to get sun and photosynthesize.  If you prune the top wider than the bottom, viagra usa mind you start to get very few leaves at the bottom and the shrub looks like sticks at the base.

If you have a shrub that is too big and needs to be cut back considerably to fit in the space it occupies, ambulance consider “hard pruning” it in the early Spring.  This means taking the shrub down to about six inches above ground level and letting it rejuvenate.  Oleanders, Texas Rangers and many other desert plants can handle this well if done at the right time of year.  The shrub usually grows back beautifully and doesn’t need to be trimmed again for the year.

Prune properly and your plants will thank you!  Remember that the Fall is a great time to plant in Arizona.  The nurseries have a great selection of plants that do well in our desert climate on display now.  But, wait until it cools off a little to give your plants the best possible chance of doing well.

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