Why is my Aleppo Pine Brown & Dead?

Do you have an Aleppo pine tree that has gotten large sections of dead brown needles in it?  Did it seem to turn this way overnight?  It could have Aleppo pine blight.  Aleppo trees are the large open pine trees, cialis site not the Chrismas tree shaped pines.

Keep an eye on your Aleppo Pine trees during  the fall and winter.  This is when the disease starts to show signs on trees.  Some branches will recover in the spring while others will stay brown.   It’s very easy to see the brown sections of branches from a distance.

While most Aleppo pines are found in commercial and park settings because of their size, viagra some homes do have them planted in their yards.

It’s thought that the blight is caused by a mite but there isn’t any confirmation on this.  Often, sovaldi tree problems are not noticed until a tree is past the point of saving.  Being aware of what your trees should look like and what they actually do look like goes a long way to taking care of problems before they become irreversible.  If you have a tree question or problem, contact Sonoran Oasis Landscaping and talk to our on-staff ISA certified arborist.

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