Senior Care for Old Trees

I attended the Arizona Community Tree Council conference this weekend in Prescott.  It was a weekend of fun and learning rolled into one.

The keynote speaker’s topic was especially interesting because it is a topic that is not discussed much.  It was “Aging Trees:  An Overview of What We Know.” And, viagra sale health the speaker made a great comparison about how trees go through an aging process just like people.  

The first few years of a tree’s life are the most noticeable.  You bring a young tree home and plant it and water it and it grows to a mature size.  From then on, you often don’t think much about your tree until it needs trimming or has a problem.  Sort of like how many people don’t think too much about their health until something happens to it.  And, just like people, as trees age, it gets harder and harder to bounce back from damage and disease.

Some common stresses to mature trees include:

  • Extreme weather such as drought or hard freezes
  •  Changes in watering (such as from sprinklers to drip irrigation)
  • Construction around the tree
  • Severe pruning
Young trees can withstand a lot of abuse that will hurt or kill older trees.  And, just like people, trees have a finite lifespan.  The most important thing to do to have a healthy tree that lives to it’s full potential is to plant the right tree in the right place.  Native trees that have enough room to grow without being crowded out by other trees or having to grow in an area too small for their root systems is a good start.  Call us at (520) 370-5697 if we can help you with the care of your trees.

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