We Will Rock You!

As the Queen song says, generic viagra generic “We will, we will rock you!”  Well…maybe this isn’t quite the same.”  But, it is good to know the difference between different types of rock.  If you buy the wrong rock, you could end up with a pile of rock that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what you’re going to do with it.  There’s crushed rock, decomposed granite, river rock and rip rap rock.  Each one is different from the other and used for different purposes.

Crushed rock comes in sizes from 1/4″ to 7/8″.  This rock comes in colors such as Apache Brown, Desert Gold, Sunset Brown, and Wildcat Red.  The pieces of this rock are all approximately the same size.  This is the type of rock you often see in front yards.

Decomposed granite is different from crushed rock.  This rock comes in sizes such as 1/4″ minus, 1/2″ minus and 3/4″ minus.  It has “minus” in it’s name because the pieces of rock are the size (such as 1/4″) down to the size of dirt.  This rock deteriorates and crumbles away over time.  You often see this type of rock in residential yards too.  The main reason people use this rock rather than crushed rock is because it costs less than crushed rock.  It eventually needs to be replaced.
River rock is rock that has been smoothed over time by running water in a river or stream.  It is usually gray and comes in sizes in a range of 3/8″ – 3/4″ and up to 3″ – 8″.  The rocks are never all the same size.  It is always sold in a range of sizes.  This rock is used to create swales (man-made riverbeds) to divert water to plants or these swales may be strictly decorative.  This rock must be hand-set in place.  Crushed rock and decomposed granite are usually just raked smooth.
Rip rap rock is used to stabilize a slope or other area.  This rock comes in a range like river rock but in larger sizes.  It usually is sold in a range from 4″ – 8″ or 6″ – 12″ or 8″ – 20″.  The size you buy depends on the area you want to use it in.  You can find rip rap rock in different colors such as Coronado, Catalina, and Grey Lime
stone.   The color is determined from the mine it is quarried from.  Unlike river rock that is smooth, rip rap rock is jagged and uneven.   Rip rap is handset like river rock.
Adding rock to your yard can give it a finished look.  It also keeps the dust down and reduces weeds.  Rip rap keeps erosion from happening on a sloped area.   All good reasons to add rock to your yard.   Measure out the area of your yard to come up with a square footage.  Then figure how deep you want your rock to be.  1″ to 2″ is common for crushed rock.  You can get approximately 120-140 square feet covered with one ton of 1/2″ crushed rock.  Rock is always sold by the ton.  So, figure the calculation from square feet to tons or your Rock materials supplier can help you with this.
Winter is a great time to add rock to your yard.  Contact us at (520) 370-5697 if we can help you with any rock questions you may have.  Rock on!

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  1. This is really useful to have a summary of the different rock options. I have had to learn a lot of these things through trial and error in the paste! Rocks are such an important part of Arizona landscaping because of the practicalities, but also because of the textures and unique looks!


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