Three Steps to Having the Perfect Christmas Tree

What brings more holiday cheer than a real Christmas tree?  Not much!  I remember listening to Christmas carols while I decorated our Christmas tree with my mom and sister.  I loved adding the ornaments that we had collected over the years.

More recently there was one year when it was just me and my son.  I decided not to buy a Christmas tree.  That year we had the “Christmas chair” that we piled our Christmas present on.  It just wasn’t the same as having a real Christmas tree with presents under it.

Most people want the look and smell of a real Christmas tree.  A survey conducted by the National Christmas Tree Association 2010 poll results show that consumers in the U.S. purchased 27 million farm-grown Christmas trees and 8.2 million artificial trees. Real Trees outsell fake trees by a greater than 3 to 1 margin.  With that in mind, viagra buy click how do you choose, cialis set up, see and decorate your Christmas tree to get the best out of it?

Choose the right Christmas tree

  1.  Decide where to place it.
  2. Measure your space before shopping.
  3. Take a tape measure to measure trees.
  4. Choose a  tree stand.
  5. Trees with shorter needles are easier to  decorate.  These include Fraser and Noble Fir.
  6. Select a fresh tree with shiny green needles.  The needles should not come off when you tug on the branches.
  7. Lay your tree flat to drive it home if possible.  If carrying it on your car roof, make sure that it is secure.
What to do when you get your  Christmas tree home
  1. Cut 1/4″ off the bottom of your Christmas tree’s trunk.
  2. Cut more off the bottom if your tree is too tall, to bring the height down.
  3. Trim off any straggling branches.
  4. Put your Christmas tree in the tree stand and add plain tap water to your tree stand covering 1″ above the bottom of the trunk.
  5. Keep tree watered!  Very important.
  6. Let your Christmas tree stand undecorated for one day to allow the branches to spread out.
Decorating your Christmas tree…The fun part!
  1. Add your Christmas lights first.  Start from the base of your Christmas tree and work your way up.
  2. Add Christmas tree garland next.  Start at the top and work your way down.  You will need approximately two garlands for every vertical foot of tree.
  3. Add your ornaments.  Start by adding your favorite ornaments in the best positions on the tree.  Next add the large ornaments evenly around the tree.  Then,  add medium to small ornaments to fill in your tree.
  4. The finishing touch is the tree topper ornament.
Now your Christmas tree is finished and ready to enjoy.  You’ve done a great job and your Christmas tree looks fantastic!  Have a cup of egg nog or hot chocolate while listening  to Christmas music to celebrate the season!
We at Sonoran Oasis Landscaping wish you and your family a  very Merry Christmas!  We  can be found on Twitter at SonoranOasis.  Follow us on Twitter.  And, we’re at Sonoran Oasis Landscaping on Facebook.  Like our Facebook Fan page.

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