Make Hanging Christmas Lights on Outdoor Plants a Breeze!



Who enjoys hanging outdoor holiday lights on plants and trees?  Not many people.

Make it easy and do it  right.

  1. Find your power source.
  2. Have an extension cord handy.
  3. Make a pole with a hook out of a coat hanger, viagra sales try a broomstick and duct tape.  (Easy!)
  4. For added ease, discount use an outlet that has a timer on it.  This way you don’t have to go outside to turn the lights on and  off.
  5. Have the right amount of light strands and make sure your lights are working before you hang them.  VERY IMPORTANT!
  6. Hang your lights on your shrubs, trees and cactus.  Make sure to wrap them a little loose.  If  they’re too tight or you leave them on your plants for an extended period of time, they will start to squeeze and damage your plants.
  7. Use the pole with a hook that you made to drape lights on your large shrubs and trees.
  8. Remember to carefully remove the lights after the holiday carefully so as not to break  branches.
Listen to our audio of how to make adding outdoor holidays easy.

Christmas lights by Deborah Munoz-Chacon

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  1. Am forwarding this information to the Christmas light hanger in our family — my husband!!


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