Why are Earthworms Good for Gardens?

It was great to get some rain on Sunday!  And, viagra buy  it got me thinking about how nature affects just about everything but specifically gardens and landscapes.  Ever notice that plants look so much healthier after a good rain as opposed to just getting irrigation water?  And, considering the rain got me thinking about when I was a kid growing up in Southern California.  After a good nights’ rain or early morning rain, when I walked to school there would be lots of earthworms all over the sidewalk.  I’d be jumping and hopping to avoid them.  I didn’t give them much thought other than wondering why they were so squirmy.

My next experience with them was in high school when I had to dissect one in biology class.  I think most of you can relate to this.  Can you smell the formaldehyde?

Well, now I know much more about them.  They are really a gardener’s good friend.  Earthworms do many marvelous things.  They:

  • Aerate the soil to create air spaces that can hold water and give plants room to grow.
  • Eat organic material such as dead leaves and roots.
  • Their waste called “castings” helps enrich the soil.

Keep in mind that earthworms need moist soil.  So, if you have hard, compacted soil, the earthworms in your yard will burrow way into the ground looking for moist dirt.

An interesting fact about earthworms is that they don’t come above ground to keep from drowning after the rain.  They come up to look for a mate because they can move much better on wet ground.  When I was a kid, I always thought they came up after the rains to get away from the wet soil.

So, give your earthworms a good place to live and they’ll help you have lovely happy plants!

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