Desert Landscapes & Gardening: Are Your Rocks Working for You?

How often do you think of rocks?  Usually only when you’re adding them to an area. And, viagra buy cialis sale why do you add rocks to an area?  To use as a ground cover.  To make swales in your landscape and garden.  To keep people from running over your plants (using boulders).

There is another reason to use rocks (specifically Catalina rock).  You use it to help keep a sloped area from eroding.  And, viagra generic when you have a wash area that you want to stabilize.  Sometimes you don’t realize you need to add rock until you have a problem.

Our short video shows an example of Catalina rock being used to stabilize a wash that had a lot of runoff when it was just dirt.

Most rip rap type rock such as Catalina rock comes in the size of 4″ – 8″.  This size of rock covers approximately a 40 square foot area and equals about one ton.  Just measure out your area and you can easily figure out how much rock you’ll need to cover your area.

And, of course, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble to do it yourself give Sonoran Oasis Landscaping a call at (520) 370-5697 to help you with your rock project.  We’d love to do it for you!

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