Tucson Gardening – Using Desert Spoon as an Accent Plant

Have you heard of the Desert Spoon plant?  What does it make you think of?  A wooden spoon made out of cactus maybe?  Actually, discount viagra buy viagra it’s a great plant to use in  a Tucson landscape.

Desert Spoon is also known as Sotol and it’s scientific name is Dasylirion wheeleri.  Use it as an accent plant in an open area away from play areas, viagra cialis sale walkways and driveways.  It gets the name Desert Spoon because the area where the leaves meet the trunk forms a wooden spoon.  Pretty interesting!  It gets a stalk in June where it’s flowers are formed and it’s fruits mature in August.  Unlike agaves, recipe the Desert Spoon does not die after it’s stalk blooms.

Watch our short video to see what the Desert Spoon looks like and  how to use it.

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