Want a Little Luck? Try a Shamrock Plant

I think we can all use a little extra luck.  And, viagra  March is a good month to get some with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner.  Shamrock plants are the indoor plants of this Irish holiday.  Did you know that one superstition holds that if an unmarried woman finds a four-leaf clover and eats it, she will soon meet her future husband?  I’m not sure that this is the best way to meet the man of your dreams.  But, I’m all for having good luck and adding green to my environment in the Tucson desert.

St. Patrick's Day plant

Shamrock plants (Oxalis species) are tender leafed plants that are grown from bulbs.  They grow to approximately 8″ high and 8 – 12″ wide.  They should be kept indoors if you want them to do well.  Don’t plant them outside in your desert landscaping.  They come in different colors of leaves and not just green.  They like moist soil but don’t keep it soggy.

The Shamrock plant needs a rest period a few times  year.  You’ll notice that the leaves start going yellow and drooping when it’s time  to let it rest.  Place your Shamrock plant in  a low light area.  Reduce your watering and remove the wilted leaves and your plant will recover nicely.

You can transplant your Shamrock plant every  few years to make sure the roots are doing well and giving your plant a boost with new  soil.  Your plant should give you many years of joy and hopefully some good luck too!

Another interesting Irish fact…over 40% of American Presidents had Irish ancestors.

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