Pruning Back Plants in Desert Landscapes

March is here and we’re getting warmer weather in Tucson.  Do you have plants that were damaged this winter and have a lot of dead leaves and branches on them?  Or, tadalafil do you have older shrubs that have gotten woody and scraggly?  Then, now is the time to do some hard-pruning.

You might be wondering what exactly is “hard-pruning.”  Sort of sounds like using a big rock to prune your shrubs.  Not exactly something you would want to do to your desert landscaping plants!  Hard-pruning involves pruning back a shrub to about 1″ to 6″ above ground level.  This helps to rejuvenate an older shrub or get a winter cold weather damaged shrub ready for spring.

Some shrubs respond better to hard-pruning than others.  Oleanders and Texas Rangers do very well when pruned back to just above ground level.  Hopbush plants respond fairly well too. You want to make sure to do this type of trimming at the beginning of spring.  If you wait until later, it is too hot in Tucson to do it.  Your plants have the tendency to burn and die if you do this  in the summer.  They can freeze and die if you perform this type of trimming in the fall or winter.  Cassia shrubs don’t always recover from hard-pruning.  When they do, they often take a lot longer to recover from the pruning.  You may not see much new growth until the second year after they have been pruned.

Some plants such as lantana plants need to be severely pruned back in the early spring to remove winter damage on branches and leaves.  This time of year you will notice new growth on the bottom of lantana plants under  the dead branches.  Trim your lantana back to the new growth for the best results.   Lantana will look as if it is dead at the end of the winter but it’s still alive.  The top branches protect the roots and lower branches during the cold  weather of the winter months.

Salvia plants are not as frost-tender as lantana but may need to have some dead branches removed in the early spring.  Salvia plants are typically winter survivors and do not  go dormant but often get brown dead branches in the winter.

If you’re looking for a spring cleanup with hard-pruning or want to add some plants but don’t want to do it yourself, we would love to help you.  We can do a small planting job or a full landscaping cleanup.  Call us at (520) 370-5697 to get a free estimate.


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