April is Water Awareness Month

April is a great month.  Spring has come  to the desert and  plants are starting to bloom.  Your landscape should  be looking good!  Hopefully, viagra buy  you’ve already performed a Spring inspection of your irrigation system.  That’s the best way to get your plants ready for the hot desert summer ahead of us.  It’s also the perfect month for Water Awareness Month.  It became a state recognized proclamation in 2008 by the Governor meant to bring awareness to the precious resource of water in the desert.

Running Water

There are a lot of easy things you can do to participate in Water Awareness Month.

Make sure that you watch your garden hose when hand watering your plants.  A garden hose can put out up to 291 gallons of water per hour.  Before you know it, you could have a flood in your yard.

Check your spigots, valves, connectors and hoses for leaks and repair them.

Plant hardy low water use desert plants and trees.  They do better in our desert environment than non-native plants.  They use less water and can tolerate our scorching summers better than other plants.

Use a hose nozzle with an automatic shut-off valve to minimize water usage when watering your plants.  This helps to keep excess water from watering your dirt.

If you notice that your water usage listed on your water bill jumps from the previous month’s usage, track your water usage on your meter and water bill and check for leaks.  Repair irrigation leaks quickly and adjust your irrigation controller for monthly weather differences.  Minor adjustments can make an impact on your overall water usage.

Did you know that watering in the early morning hours helps to reduce evaporation?  Don’t water your plants in the heat of the day.  That’s when evaporation is at its greatest.

You can help to keep rainwater from running off your yard by creating river rock swales to direct water to your plants and trees.  Berms or raised areas on slopes slow down rainwater runoff.

Add a rain sensor to your automatic irrigation controller to automatically shut off your irrigation system when it rains.  You don’t want to water when it’s raining.  It automatically turns your system back on when the rain stops.

Contact us at (520) 370-5697 if you’d like to implement some of these ideas into your landscape and irrigation but don’t want to do it yourself.   We can help you be more water smart!

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  1. Great blog post – I thought your readers would like the url for the official Water Awareness Month calendar for Arizona – http://www.waterawarenessmonth.com Each day of Water Awareness Month has a theme and if you’re interested in landscapes – we have several days in April that will interest you! Thanks for supporting Water Awareness Month!


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