Looking for a Good Desert Tree for a Small Area? You have Choices!

Do you have a house, viagra generic patio home or town home with limited outdoor space?  Most homes are getting bigger and yards are getting smaller.  Homeowners don’t want the  headache of caring for a large yard.  And, pharm families often want more indoor space.  This combination means that you have to carefully consider the mature size of the plants and trees you add to your yard and sometimes be creative.  It doesn’t mean that you have to make due with only a small variety of plant material though.

There are many plants and trees that can be used in a small area to create a stunning landscape.  Follow a few simple rules and you will have a great looking yard:

  • Create a theme for your landscape to give it consistency.  A “desert” theme would include very low water use plants such as cactus and agaves and native desert trees.  You can mix in some  other low-water use plants for color and interest.  An “oasis” or Mediterranean type landscape would incorporate low water use plants with more color and use palms and more broad leaf plants than a desert type landscape.  You can even get an oriental feel to your landscaping by using more traditional style plants that can take the heat of our summers.
  • Figure out how much space you have available and what the mature size of your plants will be.  If you add too many plants to a small area, find they will become overgrown and entangled.  You can always add some temporary plants to fill in between the permanent plants and trees until they fully mature.
  • Talk to an expert before buying plants.  Nursery workers are very knowledgeable and can make  suggestions and help you choose the best plants and trees for your yard.  Consider working with a landscape designer if you are starting from scratch or wanting to add some  hardscape items such as an outdoor built-in grill or fountain.
  • Work with a professional landscaper who is licensed and will warranty their  work.  It can become expensive to replace plants and repair an irrigation system that you just paid to have installed.

Here are some really good small desert trees that do well with limited space.  They each have their own distinct style and advantages.


It’s still not too late to plant native desert plants and trees.  Just a few small additions or changes can make all the difference in the look of your yard.  You don’t need a huge yard to have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.  And, this time of year is the best time to be outdoors in Tucson!

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