5 Ways to Add Interest to Your Desert Landscape

Does your yard need a little extra something to make it  shine?  Here are five easy ways to bring new life to your existing landscape or to give you ideas for creating the yard of your dreams.

  1. Use mounds to change the elevation in an area.  Mounds should look natural and not as if they were just plopped in the middle of your yard.  So, discount viagra  consider where one would work well and make sure that it naturally slopes from the ground.  Add plants to the mound to make it a focal point.
  2. When planting, create a natural look with two or three main plants or cactus and repeat them in your design.  Adding lots of different plants (one of each) ends up looking like they don’t belong together.
  3. Using boulders is a good way to make a desert garden more interesting without adding more plants.  When adding boulders, remember not to just set the boulders where you want them.  Instead, dig down and bury the bottom of the boulder.   You can cluster two or three boulders together for a natural look.
  4. Contrasting plants is another way to make your  landscaping more interesting.  Use a few deep green plants with some light green or gray/green plants together.  Or use stiff leaved plants with soft flowing plants.
  5. Add one focal plant such as a saguaro to stand out and have other plants complement it.   Don’t have too many focal point plants in one area.  The area will look cluttered.

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