Did You Know that July is Smart Irrigation Month in Arizona?

Governor Brewer has proclaimed July 2012 as Smart Irrigation Month for the state of Arizona.  Arizona is the second state in 2012 to do this.  Several other states also recognize July as Smart Irrigation Month.  July is the month dedicated to Smart Irrigation Month because it is typically the peak demand month for irrigation water.

“With Arizona’s proclamation of July as Smart Irrigation Month, tadalafil  Governor Brewer keeps efficient irrigation front and center in the minds of homeowners, lawmakers and all Arizonans,” noted Chad Forcey, state affairs director for the Irrigation Association.

So, what does this mean for you and me?  For landscapers and irrigation specialists, it means that we will discuss and promote irrigation water saving products such as SMART Irrigation Clocks, rain sensors, low water use irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, and the use of water harvesting with clients and the public.

For you, the consumer and homeowner, it means being aware of your water usage during the summer months.  

One of the main things you can do is use an automatic irrigation system.  They help  deliver the right amount of water at the right time to your plants, trees and lawn.   Efficient irrigation systems:

  • Minimize overwatering while keeping your lawn and garden healthy.  If you notice your plants or lawn starting to wilt, you may need to increase the amount of time you run your irrigation system for.  Also, run your system early in the morning to reduce water loss from the heat and sun.
  • Adjust watering automatically to account for rain and other conditions.  This is where a ran sensor or SMART Irrigation Clock can  come in handy.
  • Put every drop of water to work by minimizing evaporation and waste.  Adding a rain harvesting system can help you to store water rather than having it run off your property.
  • Make maintaining your yard easy and convenient.  You will enjoy it more!

 Created and launched by the Irrigation Association in 2005, Smart Irrigation Month helps bring awareness about irrigation water conservation.  The City of Tucson is getting on the bandwagon and is also promoting July as Smart Irrigation Month.  On July 10th, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will issue a proclamation noting that the ‘City of Tucson is committed to promoting efficient use and re-use of our region’s water resources through the adoption of rainwater harvesting and gray water irrigation ordinances and several other programs managed by Tucson Water.’

You can find more information about Smart Irrigation Month at the Irrigation Association’s website.  If you enjoyed this post, sign up to follow our blog.

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