Can I Plant Yet? All Our Tucson Home Gardeners Want to Know


Is spring finally here?  Everyone has been asking that question over the last few weeks.  Our Tucson weather gets warm and then it gets cold.  What’s a gardener to do?  And, sildenafil  what’s a landscape company to do? We’re all itching to buy new plants and get outside and start digging around in the dirt.

Well, generic viagra it looks like spring is finally here!  And, it is the perfect time to add plants and trees to your yard. Your local nursery and garden center should be getting in their spring plants.  Even last week, there were lots of varieties of blooming plants and flowers  in the local nurseries.  I think we’ve all had enough of looking at brown sticks in our yard that have passed for plants lately.  With our weather heading into the 90’s by the end of the week and then staying in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s safe to say that spring is on the way.

Here are some things to remember when buying a new plant or tree for your yard. Think the following questions:

  •  How much room will it have to grow in?
  • How much sunlight will it get?
  • Will it be on an irrigation system or hand watered?
  •  When will it bloom?
  • How big will it get when mature?
  • Will it go dormant and drop it’s leaves in the winter?
  •  Will it be messy?
  • Will it be used for a screen? Hedge? To provide color? To provide shade?
  • Does it have thorns or other sharp edges that could hurt someone walking by?

Once you answer these questions and know what you want from your new plant or tree and the conditions that it will be in, you are better prepared to choose one that meets your expectations and can grow well in the area that will be it’s new home.

Keep in mind that many plants and trees in the nursery look similar in size when in a container.  But, looks can be deceiving.  Some plants and trees get much bigger than others. One good way to make sure you’re getting the right size plant for the area you want to add it to is to check the information tag on the plant to see how large it will be when mature. The information tag also answers many of the questions listed above. If you still have questions after referring to the information tag, ask a nursery representative for help. It is better to ask questions before you purchase a tree or plant than after.

And remember…always plant the right plant in the right place!

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  1. We are in NY and can’t break the 50 mark! When can we plant over here??

    • It may vary somewhat from Arizona but generally you want to make sure that you’re past the point of freezing nights and have days in the 70’s.

  2. Great article! I usually get the bug to plant now in so ca!

    • The weather should be good for planting Loretta!

  3. Still getting rid of weeds!

    • I think we’re all dealing with weeds.

  4. I always wonder when and what to plant. Thank You for this useful information!

    • Your welcome Heather!

  5. Well I am in MN near North Dakota and we are in the teens to 20’s around here. I’m pretty sure that it is too early for anything but I love having the information. I can not wait until spring!

    • I’m glad that we get warm weather early in Arizona. But, we pay for it with the heat in the summer. Hopefully, you will be getting spring weather soon Je’Maria.

    • Jen – Here is a blog from a Minnesota garden lover. It could be helpful. It looks like she posts regularly. Let me know what you think.


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