Five Kid-Friendly Yard Landscaping Tips

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My son and daughter-in-law spent time last week setting up a swing set and an above-ground pool in my backyard for our grandkids.  My idea of spending time in my yard consists of grilling and sitting outside enjoying our Tucson evenings.  I have trees and cactus and plants and rock in my backyard.

It got me thinking about how to make it a safer place for my grandkids now that they’ll be spending time in my Arizona landscaped yard.  Here are some tips that I came up with:

  • Choose low-growing plants and shrubs that don’t block your view of the kids when they are outside and you are inside.
  • Make sure that your plants and trees are non-toxic.  This is especially important if you have smaller children at home.  They like to put things in their mouth.  The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy has a good resource about Arizona poisonous plants.
  • Add plants and flowers that have a nice scent to them.  Kids enjoy smelling flowers.
  • Have a soft grass area to cool down your yard and give kids a place to hang out when they’re not running around.
  • Use plants that have interesting textures and colors and attract butterflies and birds.

Look at your Arizona yard from your child’s perspective.  They have a lower to the ground view and things you might not even notice will often intrigue them.  Have fun and entertaining things for them to do outside.  You might want to plant a garden so they can see how plants grow and then they can eat the vegetables when they’re ripe.  Always keep it interesting and fun but with safety in mind first.

We’re here to be a resource for you.  Contact us at (520) 370-5697  if you have any questions about how to have a kid-friendly yard.


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  1. Great tips! I like the plants that attract butterflies…but they tend to also attract the bees. :(

    • Yes, that’s true with some plants Deanna. You might want to consider hummingbird plants. They don’t attract bees. They typically have long tubular flowers that hummingbirds beaks fit into.

  2. Lovely and informative article with good advice for creating a kid-friendly outside environment.


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