5 Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer Landscaping Tips from your Tucson Landscaper

Summer officially started Friday, sildenafil online June 21 this year. This means that the hot weather is here and will be around for awhile. What does summer mean to you?  Swimming in the pool?  Grilling outdoors?  Taking a vacation?

We’re lucky.  We can do things to cool off and have fun even when it’s 110+ degrees.  Your landscape plants and trees aren’t so fortunate.  They are planted in the ground and have to deal with the heat and wind and all the forces of nature that people can get away from.

Even though they can’t move,

  1.  Make sure to deep water your plants and trees.  When the water goes deep into the soil, it helps to water the roots of your plants.  This is where they need it most.  
  2. Check your irrigation system for leaks and reset your irrigation clock for the summer weather.
  3. You can plant some drought tolerant plants in the summer during the monsoon season. The extra water from the rains help to establish desert landscape plants.  But, wait to plant heat sensitive plants until the fall.  Remember that the best time to plant is in the spring and fall.
  4. Mow your lawn higher rather than lower.  Mowing too low can cause your grass to burn.  Just like when we get too much sun.  Don’t take off more than one-third of the blade height during a mowing.
  5. Add mulch to your soil.  Mulch lowers the temperature of the soil and helps retain water.  Both are good things for your plants and trees.

Remember that your plants can’t talk but they can tell you when they need something.  Just look at them from time to time to see how they’re doing.  Yellow or wilted leaves, branches that break off when you bend them, and insects attacking them are all signs of problems.  Catch and treat them early to minimize damage.

And, always take care of yourself in the heat.  We need more water and shade too. The summer heat is hard on everyone and every living thing.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~Russel Baker

By Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Owner of Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I try and keep my lawn a little higher, and water it when i can! Interesting fact about mulch.

    • Thanks Rob. Yes, a little higher on the lawn is better than lower.

  2. Great tips! I did not know that about mulch and mowing your grass a little higher. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Deanna!

  3. Great tips! I joined our HOA Board recently and I’m going to make sure all of the members have this information.

    • Thanks for sharing with your HOA. If you ever need a desert landscape article, let me know. I provide them to all my HOA managers and Boards for their newsletters.

  4. Great advice. I always shake my head when people mow their lawn short in the heat of the summer. Then they complain about their lawns.

  5. Thanks for the info.. am more of a vegetable gardener than a plant person .. probably because we can’t rely on rain. and I don’t have much of a green thumb !

    • It’s great that you’re doing vegetable gardening Terry. You must at least have one green thumb to do that successfully.

  6. Thanks for the helpful, great advice!

  7. Great gardening tips. Although we don’t have 110 degree weather where I am in California, those are still great tips for anywhere one may live:)


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