Do Your Agaves Look Like This? Is it rot or is it the agave weevil?

Damaged Agave

Damaged Agave

Take a look at your agaves.  Do they look like this?  Are there just a few leaves standing upright and the rest of them are laying on the ground?  If you move them with your hand do they easily move around and even come up out of the ground?

If you are seeing this, viagra sale  your agaves have a problem.  The question is…what kind of a problem and can anything be done about it?

What’s Wrong With My Agaves?

Most likely if you’re seeing this and it’s August in the desert, buy viagra  your agaves have an Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus) problem, a root rot problem, or both.

Larger agaves are more susceptible to the Agave Snout Weevil than smaller ones.  You will often see damage on Octopus agaves and Century plants.  And, August is prime agave root rot time in the desert.  With the warm humid nights, agave roots can stay wet and start to rot.  This makes them prime targets for the Agave Snout Weevil.  Combine both and you have a real problem.  The weevil may go from one agave to the next and damage or kill all of your agaves if you have an area full of them.

An agave grub killer that can be purchased from your local desert nursery may help prevent them from moving on to other agaves in the area.  But, your best line of defense is planting smaller less susceptible varieties of agaves and limiting irrigation water to them.

Here is a great resource from the University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension Center – Problems and Pests of Agave, Aloe, Cactus and Yucca.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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