Are Your Trees Crying?

Burlap tree branch - Tucson LandscaperIf you trim your trees during the spring or summer, viagra sale  they may end up crying.  Or, discount viagra  more accurately, dripping sap all over the place.

Have you ever had tree sap drop on your sidewalk or driveway?

It’s messy and doesn’t clean up well.  Have you ever gotten it on your car?  That’s not very pleasant either.

Did you know that it matters what time of the year you trim your trees?  To keep your trees from dripping sap, you want to trim your trees when the sap is moving the slowest in the tree.  The trees in the desert that drip the most sap are mesquites.  This means doing major tree trimming in the fall or winter during the dormant season.

When Not to Do Major Tree Trimming

Although you can trim trees anytime in the desert, the spring and summer will cause your trees to drip sap more than trimming them in the fall and winter.

What you don’t want to do is paint over the trimmed wounds with a tree paint.  This can cause bacteria and infection to grow under the paint and damage your tree. It’s best to let the trimming cut heal naturally.

But, what about the dripping sap and the mess?  You can cover it with a porous material like burlap. If you do this, you must keep checking it to make sure that the wrapped material does not become too tight on the branch as it grows.  The burlap wrap is not an ideal solution and it’s not very attractive.  It can help keep the sap from dripping so much though.

Ideal Situation

Ideally, do your major trimming in the fall or winter.  So, if you have trimming to do, start thinking about it now and have it done between November and February.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon, Certified Arborist

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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  1. It looks a bit like the tree has a broken “arm or leg” with this bandage on. I didn’t realize that you shouldn’t cover with the paint as you often see. It sure makes the tree look ugly when they paint it! Great information in here Deborah. Thank you!


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