November – The Month of Giving Thanks

Ficus_carica - Brown Turkey Fig - Tucson Landscaper To celebrate the month of November and Thanksgiving, viagra sales  all month we’ll be sharing posts related to Thanksgiving or giving thanks in some way.  Our first post of the month is about the Brown Turkey Fig tree (Ficus carica).

This tree does well in our desert environment.  It grows 10 to 30 feet tall and can take full sun.  Make sure to water these trees regularly especially when they are young. Be careful with the sap from the fig tree since it can be irritating to skin. Fig trees are deciduous and drop their leaves in the winter.

 The fig tree is originally from the Middle East and Asia Minor. They were one of the first plants grown by humans.  The next plants to be grown by humans were wheat, viagra buy barley and legumes about 1,000 years later.

Did you know that even though the fig is considered the “fruit” of the tree it is actually the scion or a false fruit where the flowers and seeds come from?

This is a plant whose seeds can be spread by birds.  They eat the fig seeds and they’re disbursed in the bird’s droppings. Fig trees are pollinated by fig wasps.  The wasp has a symbiotic relationship with the fig tree.  The wasp crawls inside the fig and pollinates some of the flowers while laying her eggs inside some other flowers and then dying.  What a way to go!

Interesting fig facts:

  • Adam and Eve covered themselves in fig leaves after eating the forbidden fruit in the book of Genesis of the Bible.
  • Figs were used to fatten geese for making a type of precursor of foie gras.

Keep in mind that the best time to plant a fig tree is in the Spring.  The Brown Turkey Fig tree is a good tree to consider planting if you want a decorative tree that also gives you fruit and can handle our desert heat.

I am thankful for all our readers!

Deborah Munoz-Chacon, Certified Arborist

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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