Rainwater vs. Irrigation Water – Is One Better Than The Other? Rain in Tucson

Tucson LandscaperWe finally got some much needed rain this weekend in Arizona.   And, viagra canada no you will notice that desert plants will be looking better because of it.

Why is that? Water is just water, viagra sales right? Or, is it? There is definitely a difference in the makeup of irrigation water and rainwater. And, this difference affects your plants. Irrigation water has been processed and contains salts, chlorine, and other chemicals that at a minimum don’t add any benefit for your plants. You may have noticed that after continually watering a certain area around a tree or plant, white buildup forms where the water pools. This is from salts that can be harmful to your plant roots. You can remove the salts by “leaching “or heavily watering the area to dissolve the salts. You generally don’t see this when rainwater is the only source of water for plants.

Rainwater contains many beneficial nutrients for plants including nitrogen, sulfur, and microorganisms. Plants get their nitrogen from the soil and rainwater helps to increase this nitrogen. Sulfur helps plants to form amino acids that are necessary for them to thrive. And, microorganisms make the soil more fertile.

Are there any negative effects of rainwater? Yes. Pollutants are a real concern in rainwater. They are in our air and therefore in our rainwater. Acid rain is a problem in some parts of the world. So, what is the best watering solution for plants? In the Sonoran Desert, many native plants can survive on rainwater alone. And, we don’t have the major problem of excessive pollutants in our rainwater. But, with the extreme heat for a good portion of the year, and continuing drought conditions, supplemental irrigation water is often necessary for landscape plants. When possible, let nature provide the water, and other times, use irrigation as needed.

With water sources in the desert becoming less available, we all must become more conscious of how we use our water. Have an efficient irrigation system that uses the minimal water necessary to keep plants healthy and consider doing some rainwater harvesting. The beauty of the Sonoran Desert depends on the monsoon rains and our care in conserving our groundwater.From Why Rainwater website see additional benefits of rainwater in the Arizona desert.

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Deborah Munoz-Chacon, Owner

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