We are Now Sustainable Landscape Management Certified

Tucson LandscaperWe are proud to announce that Sonoran Oasis Landscaping is now a Sustainable Landscape Management Certified company through the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA).

What does this mean? According to ALCA, cialis generic  it means:

“ALCA has created a rigorous curriculum and certification program based on Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) standards.

One of the values of the SLM certification is public recognition of quality standards within the “Green Industry”.  It announces that the certified individuals/landscape companies have the knowledge and skills to employ practices which strive to preserve limited and valuable natural resources such as water and plant materials, reduce waste generation and encourage longevity and maturity of plant materials.

The goal of the SLM certification can bring value to the landscape contractor by giving current and prospective clients yet another reason to hire ALCA members and to truly “Contract with Landscape Experts”.

For our clients it means that we:

  • Use practices that preserve our limited and valuable natural resources that are important.
  • Understand the anticipated outcome of doing landscaping tasks the correct way.
  •  Know how sustainable practices differ from past practices.
  • See what work is necessary or generated to better support the goal of a sustainable landscape.
  • Are aware of who will benefit from the application of these practices and why.

We all want to do what’s best for our environment and have better, healthier, lower maintenance landscapes.  This is a good way to have all this in a desert landscape.

Helping our clients to have a landscape they can enjoy and know that it’s being well taken care of by professionals is our goal.  Our SLM certification helps us to do this even better than before.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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