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Summer is definitely here in Arizona.  With 100+ degree weather in Tucson, best cialis we’re all feeling the heat.  And, so are your plants.

Even though plants are adapted to our desert summers, they still can suffer the effects of too much heat and sun.  What to look for to know that your plants are not doing well:

  • Brown leaves
  • Wilted flowers and leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Dead areas

If you see these signs, your plant may be on the decline and may not recover.  Here are some things you can do to help your plants survive:

  • Increase your irrigation water to account for our hotter weather
  • Plant only very drought tolerant plants in direct sunlight (agaves and cactus can take the full sun)
  • Plant more heat sensitive plants under trees or in shade (these plants typically have wider leaves than other desert plants)
  • Don’t do any planting until we get cooler weather

Tucson LandscaperPlants such as the ones in this photo can be planted in the summer.  These plants include ocotillo, barrel cactus, saguaro, agaves and prickly pear cactus.  Many others do better when planted in the spring or fall.  This way they have a chance to get established in cooler weather.

Follow these few rules and you can have plants that survive our summer heat and thrive throughout the year.  Let’s all stay safe and cool this summer.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping


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  1. I can see how planting in Arizona could be difficult. I definitely agree that planting in the spring and fall would probably be most beneficial. :-)

    • Yes, some cacti and agaves can take the heat but most other plants do better in the fall or spring planting.

  2. I’ve been to Arizona several times and noticed that many people “plant” painted rocks in their yards. Maybe they got tired of dealing with real plants. Thanks for sharing these tips to help them out!

    • You’re right. We have colored rock in our yards rather than grass.

  3. Yep, planting in Arizona is quite difficult! I started my first ever garden this year. It will take a bit to learn the ropes, as it is so hot and where we live it freezes in the winter…YIKES…Double Wammy!

  4. Great information for anyone in those hot, dry climates. We do not have that issue here in Ohio but hoping to make the move this year to FL so we will have to learn some new things as well. Thanks for sharing

  5. Even though I live in Southern California, I still live in a high temp zone. I will try these plants

  6. Planting in Arizona definitely seems like it is a bit difficult and requires a lot of thought and even research….or maybe contact Sonoran Landscaping :-)

  7. Great tips for plants in Arizona. I just came back from Vegas. I do not think I could survive…I would need just as much tlc as the plants…lol. Thank you for the planting advice. I will pass these tips on to my gardening husband.

  8. i never think of az landscapes as beautiful but love this perspective

  9. Arizona is one of the places I want to visit. I’ve seen it on movies.

  10. I leave this to the pros like you because it’s hot here too.

  11. I have such a brown thumb, so thank you for sharing this information.

  12. My plants are already feeling the Texas sun. Good thing we had some rain over the last couple of days.


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