The Red Palm Weevil is not Your Palm Tree’s Friend

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Drive around Tucson and you’ll see palm trees everywhere.  They’re in front yards, viagra usa  in City medians, in store and business parking lots, at apartment complexes and in parks.  When they’re healthy and doing well, they can be a good landscape tree that doesn’t require much room and doesn’t need much care.

But, there’s a destructive little bug that loves palm trees as much as we do.  It’s the red palm weevil.  It comes from southeast Asia and was first spotted in the United States in Laguna Beach in 2010.  Although this insect will eat other plants such as banana, sugarcane, and squash fruit, it develops the fastest in palm trees and they produce more eggs in palms than in any other plant they attack.  The larva of the red palm weevil have powerful jaws that they use to feed voraciously on palm leaves.

Another thing that makes them so damaging is that the adult weevils are excellent fliers and can travel very far.  So, they are able to easily find new palm trees to attack.  As with other insects and diseases, these weevils attack palm trees that are already weak or stressed.  So, it’s very important to keep your palm trees healthy.

If the red palm weevil has infested your palm tree you will see:

  • Yellowing
  • Wilting
  • Tree death

The crown of the tree wilts first and this is followed by the lower leaves (like in the photo above).  Bacteria can come in after the weevils and do further damage to your palms.  Often times, by the time you notice the symptoms it’s too late to save the tree.

Tucson Landscaper

So, how can you prevent the weevil from destroying your palm trees?

  • Keep them healthy
  • Prune as little as possible.  They are attracted to new pruning cuts
  • Only trim off dead leaves
  • It’s better to prune in the winter
  • Apply an insecticide to pruning wounds
  • Check your trees often for any changes
  • Use experienced tree workers

Keep your palm trees healthy and it will help keep the red palm weevil away.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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