Irrigation Systems – What do they really cost & how long do we keep them?

If you own a home there’s a good chance that you have some sort of irrigation system.  It may be one that you turn on by hand or you may have an automatic irrigation system.  And, cialis canada then there are those few brave souls in Arizona who actually hand-water their plants.

Which category do you fall into?  Most of us have an automatic irrigation system.  And, discount viagra  there are many of them out there.  Here are some statistics about irrigation systems that are telling about owners (whether residential, drugstore commercial, apartment complex, or homeowners association).

Most people pay between $2,000 and $2,999 to install a residential irrigation system.  The cost for a commercial irrigation system or community or apartment wide irrigation system will cost much more.  After the initial cost there are maintenance costs involved.  Many drip irrigation systems use a flexible polyline tubing that wears with our Arizona summer heat and can need repairs after a few years.  There are newer poly materials that have come out that can withstand our desert weather better.  And, a PVC pipe can be used and is much more durable and long-lasting than polyline material.

The average number of irrigation zones used on a residential irrigation system is four.  Often one zone waters the front yard, one zone waters the backyard, one zone waters planters or flower pots, and the fourth zone will water some other area.  A much better way to create your irrigation zones is by plant type.  This would mean that your trees would all be one zone, your shrubs would be on another zone, your ground covers would be on the third zone and your flowers would be on the fourth zone.  This saves money in water usage and usually gives your plants a more correct amount of water because each type of plant has different water requirements.

Seven to ten years is the average age of an irrigation system although some are over twenty years old and still operating.  Older systems are usually less efficient and require more repairs.  And, it gets to a point where it is advisable to make major improvements to it or replace it all together.  Here are signs you need to evaluate your irrigation system:

  • You continually have leaks
  • Your irrigation valves stay on or don’t close properly leaving the system to run continually
  • The parts such as lines are brittle and discolored and break easily
  • You can no longer find replacement parts for your irrigation system
  • Your irrigation clock has stopped working properly

Summer is here and irrigation systems are being used much more than at other times of the year.  It’s easy to see problems that you might not notice during another season.  Keep an eye out for these issues and the age of your irrigation system and contact Sonoran Oasis Landscaping at (520) 370-5697 if we can help you with your existing irrigation system or offer an evaluation to look for ways you can save on your water bill.

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