Client Highlight Desert Greens & National Collect Rocks Day is September 16th

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Gary & George (Landscape Chairmen), generic cialis sickness Deborah & Sergio (Crew Leader)

Desert Greens is a beautiful small gated community in Oro Valley that we have been working with for the last seven years.  One of the unique things about this community is that they have a park area complete with exercise stations equipment and large desert trees. They have a walking trail outside the community that continues along the river and is a great place to take an early morning walk with your dog.

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The community uses a mix of desert plants, trees and shrubs to offer a lot of color and different textures in their landscapes.  It is a pleasure working with Gary and George the community’s Landscape Chairmen.  They make our job easy!


Did you know that there is a holiday for collecting rocks?  Well there is and it’s September 16th.  Rocks are an important part of desert landscapes.  Crushed rock and decomposed granite are used as yard coverage. And, boulders are used to add interest to a landscape without increasing your water bill.  You can get creative with your rock work and use river rock to make swales to divert water to your plants.  These are just a few ways you can use rocks in your landscape.

Take a few moments today and look around to see what types of rocks are in your neighborhood and how they are used. You’ll likely come up with some interesting ideas.  Collect a few rocks if you find some interesting ones.  Kids know that rocks are fun. Adults can enjoy them too.

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September 16th’s ice cream is Rocky Road. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon, Owner

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