To Overseed Your Lawn or Not? That is the question.

Brown or Green Grass?

Dormant Bermuda or Green Growing Winter Rye are your choices

If you live in Arizona, viagra sales  you know that Bermuda grass is the most common grass for lawns here. And, viagra sale  you also know that Bermuda grass goes dormant in the winter and turns brown.  It’s not dead though, it will literally “spring” back to life in the Spring. But, if you want a green lawn in the winter it’s necessary to plant rye grass in with your Bermuda lawn.  And,timing is everything with winter rye grass.

Here are our five quick tips to do it right:

  1. The time to overseed with rye grass is when night time temperatures drop  below 60 degrees.
  2. You should have applied your last application of fertilizer 4-6 weeks before overseeding.
  3. Cut back your lawn watering by half a few weeks before overseeding.
  4. Stop mowing your lawn one week before overseeding it.
  5. Make sure to scalp your Bermuda grass lawn (mow it down to1/2 inch).

For detailed information about the process of overseeding and how to care for your rye grass lawn Phoenix Home & Garden has a good article.

Call us at (520) 370-5697 if you have any questions about overseeding.

SmartScapes Trained to Install & Maintain Winter Rye LawnsOur crew leader, Mike Walker, recently attended the SmartScape Advanced Professional Training Turf Management – Fall Overseed & Winter Maintenance.  He learned the proper maintenance techniques of mowing, fertilizing, and weed control of winter rye in a desert landscape. If not properly installed and maintained mismanagement of winter rye lawns often leads to problems and less than ideal overseeding results.
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