Root rot doesn’t just affect the roots


Canker Diseases & Root Rot
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Death by Root Rot – It Isn’t Pretty

Everyone’s heard of root rot. Texas root rot is probably the one that comes most quickly to mind. But, viagra usa prescription what is it and what does it do to plants and trees?

Diseases affect trees by causing some sort of disruption in the growth of the plant or other abnormal effect such as branch die back, yellowing of leaves, wilting of leaves or bleeding of sap to name a few. Root rots have trouble developing in dry, sandy and well aerated soils. They usually need wet, compacted soil.So, if you have any of these conditions, it’s more likely that your plants and trees may get infected with a root rot. And, the number one way for root rot to get into your soil is from nursery plants. You may buy a plant or tree that looks perfectly healthy and it may be carrying root rot. The really bad thing is that it affects so many plants and trees and there’s no way to know about it without testing roots for it.

There are a few things you can do to check for it though.

  • Plants in areas saturated by water or that don’t have good drainage
  • Leaf die back
  • Mushrooms or conks on the lower trunk
  • Brown or soggy roots (they should be white and healthy looking)
  • A plant dies for no apparent reason and is removed and a new plant is planted in it’s place and it dies too
  • Or there may be no outward symptoms and you only realize the tree or plant had root rot when it blows over or is dug up and you notice it has very few or no healthy roots

So, what can you do about root rot?

As with most diseases and tree and plant problems, the best treatment is prevention. Keep your plants and trees healthy and well cared for and they will be less susceptible to root rot. Make sure you have good soil drainage and don’t over water. Organic mulches can help too. Keep in mind that even if you remove a plant with root rot, the spores can stay in the soil and attack nearby plants.And, some root rots can spread through the air. One good thing is that we have sandy dry soil in many of our Arizona desert areas. This helps deter root rot.

Keep your plants healthy and help prevent the spread of root rot. Call us at (520) 370-5697 if we can help you with any of your landscape questions.

AZ Landscape Contractors Association
Certified Landscape Professional
Congratulations to our own Nathan Chattin for becoming a certified landscape professional through the Arizona Landscape Contractors Assn.Nathan had to complete a one year program and show proficiency by passing tests in:

  • Annuals & Perennials
  • Irrigation
  • Pesticides & Calibration
  • Plant Identification
  • Plant Problem Diagnosis
  • Safety & Tools
  • Soils & Fertilizer
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning
  • Tree Planting and Staking
  • Turf Care & Installation 
We are very proud of Nathan and the hard work he has put into this certification.
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