Irrigation Clock Power Options

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No Electrical Power for Irrigation System?

There are options available.

Would you like to have an automatic irrigation system for plants but you don’t have electricity to run the irrigation clock?

As long as you have water available, discount viagra illness you can have an automatic irrigation system.

One way to do it is with a battery-operated irrigation clock. These clocks generally run one irrigation valve. They are convenient and fairly easy to program. One thing to remember is to check the batteries regularly to make sure they are not dead.

Hunter Irrigation and Digg make the two most commonly used battery-operated irrigation controllers. Both are reliable and work well.

Another option is a solar-powered irrigation controller. These are often used in larger projects where it can be costly to have electricity added to open areas or for numerous areas.

These irrigation clocks require an initial investment that can be higher than some other options and they require a special key to program. They can be very beneficial once installed though. The programming for these is simple once done a few times.

Residential solar options are also available.

And, buy viagra keep in mind that if you’re using native desert vegetation in your landscape for an area without irrigation, you can always use Dri-Water to help establish plants and trees. Once established, these plants and trees should be able to survive off our desert rains with minimal additional watering.

Contact us at (520) 370-5697 if you have any questions about these alternatives to electric irrigation controllers.

Two of our team members, Mike Walker and Cory Marsh attended the Ewing Irrigation & Maintenance class last week.This workshop taught techniques for repairing and maintaining irrigation systems, and even on how to save water! Topics included:

  • Renovate or replace? Saving and improving drip-micro irrigation systems.
  • Understanding controller schedules and using the Ewing app to save water.
  • Renovating underperforming irrigation systems to save budget dollars.

We look forward to having Mike and Cory use the information that they learned to help our clients save water and help us make recommendations for improving the irrigation systems that we take care of.

Time to start thinking about planting a spring garden. Here are some vegetables and herbs that you can start planting this month in Arizona.

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Green Onions
  • Spinach

Herbs to plant this month (beware of late winter freezes)

  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Cilantro

For more detailed information check out the Arizona Central article here.

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