Pruning for Plant Health

Don’t give your plants a bad “haircut.”
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Pruning your plants is like getting a haircut.

Do it right or suffer with a bad trim.

The weather is in the 80’s again in Tucson and we’re starting to think about spring. That leads to thinking about pruning our trees and plants.

Don’t give your plants and trees a hack job when you prune. Not only is it ugly. You could cause serious damage to your landscaping. Here are some of the reasons to prune:

  • Remove dead and broken branches.
  • Take back the height or thin out branches.
  • Promote flowering and fruits.
  • Remove mistletoe and other diseases.

To thin out trees or shrubs take back branches you want to remove to the trunk or next largest branch.

To reduce the size or height of a plant take branches back to smaller lateral branches. Similar to thinning plants.

Always use clean, cialis generic unhealthy sharp tools. And, click use the appropriate tool for the type of branches and plants that you are pruning. Only prune off what is absolutely necessary. Pruning causes stress on plants and trees. Insects find their way into plants through pruning cuts too. Remember that plants that flower in the spring should not be pruned until after they bloom. This is in the late spring and early summer. Prune plants that flower in the summer in the late winter.

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Our two newest team members, David Darrell and Tyler DiDay have just completed the Pima County SmartScapes Program for Landscape Professionals.David and Tyler took nine classes that were taught by UofA faculty and local landscape professionals. They received instruction and information that will help them use the best landscape practices for working with plants and irrigation in our urban desert landscapes.Congratulations to David and Tyler!
We are fortunate to live in Arizona where we have had beautiful weather this week. We can still get cold weather.Remember not to prune the dead off your plants until after the final frost.
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