What to know to have happy plants.

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Are Your Plants Happy?

Planning, viagra canada try Installing and Maintaining Plants

Did you know that your plants should be treated right to be happy? It all starts with installation. Plant the right plant in the right place and you’re sure to have a happy thriving plant. Plant the wrong plant in the wrong place and your plant will not look good or be happy.

These Texas Rangers are not necessarily planted in the wrong place. They are along a busy street and the landscape designer most surely designed them to be a barrier to the noise and traffic from the street. But, then the well-intentioned but not very knowledgeable landscaping crew came along and decided they needed to “shape” them into balls to show that they had worked.

Constant shearing is hard on shrubs and these shrubs do nothing to block the noise and traffic. Leaving them alone to grow together and get taller would help accomplish the goal of having them be a barrier. The thinness at the bottom of the plant shows that it’s having difficulty recovering from the shape of the shearing.

The care of these plants is much more thought out than the first photo. The groundcover works well in this area and can be kept off the sidewalk. The shrubs are left more natural and not severely pruned. This is appropriate for the site and it was probably the final vision of the landscape designer.

Having a design that is installed as envisioned and then maintained appropriately can make all the difference in the look of a landscape. A design with too many plants installed becomes crowded very quickly and plants will eventually need to be removed or severely sheared to make room.

So here are our tips for having happy plants:

  1. Start with a good design that works for the area.
  2. Use quality plants at installation and plant them in the correct place.
  3. Have thoughtful maintenance so that the vision continues as the landscape matures.

Take a look at the landscapes around you and see which ones qualify as having happy plants and which ones don’t.

Horticulture Conference is this week!

The Southern Arizona Desert Horticulture Conference is this Friday. It’s very special for me because I will be a presenter at the event. This is a great opportunity for us to get the word out about what makes a good plant for commercial landscape projects.

We’ll be sharing photos from the event.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon
Owner, Sonoran Oasis Landscaping

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