Spring landscaping tips


Springtime Urban Desert Landscaping tips

It’s spring in the Sonoran desert and we’re having temperatures in the 80’s.  Winter is gone and summer will be here before you know it.

This time of year gives us a window of opportunity to get some spring cleaning of our landscapes done and to evaluate what we have and how we can improve our outdoor spaces.

Here are some spring landscaping projects that can be done this time of year.


Irrigation Leak

  • Check your irrigation system for leaks and make needed repairs.
  • Change the times on your automatic irrigation clocks to account for warmer weather.
  • Flush out irrigation lines.
  • Replace any broken sprinkler heads or emitters that are not working properly.


  • Time to start transitioning to summer Bermuda grass.
  • Cut lawns lower to allow Bermuda grass to start growing since it has been dormant all winter.
  • Increase irrigation to lawns.
  • Add seed in bare areas where you want it to fill in.
  • Aerate and/or dethatch lawns as needed.

Planting2 - Sonoran Oasis LandscapingPLANTING

  • March and April are excellent months to plant in Arizona.
  • Always remember to consider the mature size of a plant or tree when planting and “plant the right plant in the right place.”
  • Head to the local nursery to check out what’s available.
  • Think about what you want from your plant or tree – shade, viagra generic color, low maintenance, to attract wildlife, etc.
  • Native and desert-adapted plants do much better than other plants in our harsh environment.

Remember to get outside and enjoy our spring desert weather before the heat sets in. We live in a unique and beautiful place that is unlike any other place.



We’d like to congratulate Tyler Diday for becoming our most recent certified chemical sprayer throughPART_1458566591909_IMG_1104the Arizona Dept. of Agriculture Office of Pest Management.

Tyler took classes and passed the tests to become certified to spray in the Right-of-Ways and Ornamental & Turf categories. He also had to pass the Core class and test. This test is given to all spray categories and must be passed for any type of certified spraying.

Congratulations to Nathan Chattin!Nathan-Chattin

Nathan has taken the yearlong Arizona Landscape Contractors Association Certified Landscape Professional Program and is now a certified landscape professional through our state’s landscaping trade association.

Nathan had to attend classes monthly and pass tests on all aspects of desert landscaping including irrigation, planting, maintenance, safety and other areas of expertise.

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