When and how to split perennial plants

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Properly split perennials

Did you know that you can split some perennial plants?  This can make them grow better and give you multiple plants.

There are signs that indicate it may be time to split your perennials. For example, viagra if an established perennial plant produces fewer flowers or the center of the plant looks sickly while the outer edges are doing well, cialis usa it could be time to divide the plant and replant it in another bed or in a container.

In our warmer climate, exposure to hot temperatures can damage divided plants, so fall is a better time to divide because it allows them to become established during the mild winter. If possible, divide perennials before cool, rainy weather is forecasted. These conditions will help the plants recover from the stress of being split and replanted. So, look at your perennial plants now to think about which ones may need to be divided in the fall.

If the ground is dry when you plan to divide the plant, prepare the area by thoroughly soaking the soil around the plant. Let it drain.

Note that some plants are best left undivided. These include monkshood, false indigo, bleeding heart, lupine, peony and poppy to name some.

Follow these three steps to properly split a perennial.

Step 1


Dig up the entire plant.

Step 2


Place the plant on a tarp in a shady spot and observe the roots. Some perennials have roots that separate easily, while others are tangled and more difficult. Some have fleshy roots that will need to be sliced into sections. Carefully split the plant based on the root type.

Step 3


Prune away any dead and damaged tissue, and ensure each divided section has a portion of its roots and leaves. Replant the divisions as soon as possible, water them and keep them well hydrated throughout their first year.

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