Have you heard of the Asian Citrus Psyllid?

Arizona Citrus and the Asian Psyllid

There’s a nasty little bug that has made it’s way into Arizona and is causing damage to our citrus trees. It’s the Asian Citrus Psyllid. The Psyllid it’self isn’t such a big deal. It’s what it causes that’s the real problem. It causes citrus greening.

This insect is smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen and has made it’s way across the US. It started out in Florida in 1998 and has come all the way across to California. You’ll find it feeding on leaves and branches of up to 56 types of host plants.  And, cialis canada it’s such a problem because it make the fruit misshapen and bitter. So, it becomes useless.  Currently, there is no cure for citrus greening and once a tree in infected it typically dies within five years of becoming infected.

Look for curling leaves and insect honeydew (a sweet sticky substance) from the psyllid. Check your citrus trees every month for signs of the psyllid.

Here are some tips from the Arizona Dept. of Agriculture about protecting our state’s citrus trees.

Buy citrus locally Ship or carry uncertified* citrus fruit, leaves, or plants into Arizona
Buy citrus plants from reputably nursery Purchase uncertified* citrus fruit, leaves or plants from another state or online
Share citrus with friends, family and neighbors locally Bring citrus fruit, leaves or plants with you from other states or countries as you travel
Fertilize trees and watch for signs and symptoms of psyllid infestation or citrus greening Graft citrus budwood or clippings from sources that aren’t free from citrus diseases

Contact a certified arborist or master gardener if you think your citrus tree might have a citrus greening problem.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon
International Society of Arboriculture
Certified Arborist


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