Three Easy Ways to Use Drainage to Help Water Your Plants

It’s summertime in the desert and it looks like the monsoon season is here!  Now that we’re getting rain, viagra canada  how can use use the rain water rather than having it run off your property into the street?  

#1 – One easy way to divert water to your plants is to create drainage swales using river rock.  The water drains off your roof and runs down the river rock to your plants and trees.  All that’s required is digging a trench to direct the water to your plants and adding the rock.

#2 – Water harvesting barrels.  Using water harvesting barrels to collect water from your roof to be stored and used later is another easy way to keep water on your property.  This is more costly than just adding swales but can save you money over time in water savings.

#3 – Create a water garden.  A small basin lower than the level of the rest of your yard with plants and trees in it that can catch water and hold it in your yard.  Make sure that any excess water does not stand in the basin because  this can encourage mosquito problems.  A water garden can be combined with swales to divert water to the water garden.

Remember that July is Smart Irrigation Month.  Using rainwater is a good way to conserve your irrigation water when we get the monsoon rains.  Every little bit helps.  If you’re looking for more ways to save money on your irrigation water bill, contact us at (520) 370-5697 for help.

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