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We are a team of landscape professionals who work with our clients to achieve healthy water saving landscapes. Deborah Munoz-Chacon saw a need in the landscape industry for landscapes that use desert plant material and drip irrigation to create vibrant beautiful desert outdoor spaces. If you look around Tucson, you will see


• Shrubs that shaped into geometric forms
• Trees that are topped or have branch stubs everywhere
• Irrigation shooting up into the air (even while it’s raining)
• Plants that have had half of their branches hacked off because they’re too close to a walkway
or drive


We work closely with our clients to make sure that

• Plants are allowed to grow in a natural form that keeps them healthy and thriving
• Tress are properly pruned
• Irrigation problems are addressed quickly and water savings is a priority
• The right plant is planted in the right place to cut down on maintenance problems

If you’re tired of dealing with a landscape company who

• Doesn’t keep you informed of what they’re doing and why
• Let’s problems go until you bring them to their attention
• Hasn’t been properly trained in desert plant care
• Don’t understand the water needs of desert landscapes and how to save you money on your
irrigation water bills
• Is not responsive to your needs
• Cannot handle all of your landscaping issues

We can help you. Sonoran Oasis Landscaping was created to address these issues. We saw a need for a landscape company that is small enough to provide personal attention to each client and landscape while having the expertise to do everything that a large landscape company can do.

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