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Sonoran Oasis Landscaping has created a landscape calendar that details out all the landscape tasks that should be done every month.  This was compiled from the best resources for Arizona desert landscaping.  See our short video for details about the landscape calendar.  If you would like to get your free download of the landscape calendar, email us at  We will be happy to forward it to you.

As a Tucson professional landscaper, we are here to help you with valuable gardening information.

We hope you enjoy our video and the landscape calendar!


by Deborah Munoz-Chacon

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping


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  1. What a great video, Deborah! Would your calendar be useful for me, as I am in North Scottsdale? If so, I would love to have one to give to our landscaper (my husband). :)

  2. Great video!! Would this be applicable in NY? We have Red thumbs here..

  3. love the landscape in Arizona. nice video

  4. I am soooo emailing you for the calendar. I am an Arizona transplant and all the plants grow opposite to what I am used to!
    Thanks so much

  5. Great video thanks for sharing. I love gardening so this is very helpful

  6. awesome video! Great information even if not in Az.

  7. It’s me your favorite florist in Phoenix, asking YES please send me a calendar! I will share it with my HOA (and I have another friend running a HOA in Scottsdale). Your ideas are the best!! Thanks.

  8. You always have such great information and a willingness to share! Thanks it’s really appreciated!!

  9. Oh this is great! Thank you for sharing.. I need to get my boyfriend to watch this :)

  10. Loved your video!!!! Some it really applies in Dallas as well. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for giving away these calendars! Seems like a very useful tool!!

  12. great video. Sent my email for the calendar

  13. This is great and it does apply to the DFW area!

  14. This is really great that you put this together! Thank you for sharing.

  15. This is amazing! Hoping we can get this for our area too!

  16. Veronica says:

    Love your video Deborah!

  17. fantastic!

  18. This is a great video. Makes me wish I was in AZ!

  19. Cool video! Awesome about landscaping calendar:) Thank you:)

  20. What a great video! That’s so fabulous, and it gives your company such a personal touch :)

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