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Hot, Dry & Dirty...Slipper Plants Can Handle It!

Narrow strips can be especially hard to plant. Either plants are too big or too small. But, slipper plants (Euphorbia lomelii) are tall enough to make an impact while narrow enough to stay in a small space. They also do well in the heat and with minimal water.

What to Know About Slipper Plant

  • Slipper plants can grow to 3'x3' (can easily be separated to stay narrow)

  • Evergreen so it doesn't go dormant in the winter

  • Pretty red slipper-like flowers from late spring through summer thus the name slipper plant

  • Minimal litter and no thorns

  • Makes a good container plant

  • Flowers attract hummingbirds

NOTE: Never touch slipper plant sap with your bare hands. The sap is an irritant. Always wear gloves.

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping offers sustainable planting services with plant designs available. See what your plants will look like in your yard before you ever plant them. Call us at (520) 370-5697 for a free landscaping consultation.

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